Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's in my bag...

Hi you all.... i want to share with you the every day things that i carry around with me in my bag :) 

This is the bag i am currently using. It's a L.A.M.B bag and bought this from macy's. It has loads of room inside so i can keep more stuff with me.


So the first thing that i have in my bag is Jergens Hand Cream for keeping my hands soft n moisturized and then i have facial cleansing wipes and Oil Absorbing sheets just to remove oil from my face without removing my makeup.

Then i have a Travel Size perfume from sex in the city and  a Sephora mirror.

Then there is a makeup bag ...bought this from target n I love the polka print.


In my makeup bag i keep all my makeup stuff obviously. For my eyes i have a mascara, eyeliner,kajal pencil,eyeshadow from Ulta. For my lips i usually keep more than one lipstick.No girl can keep one lipstick right...:D


Then in my makeup bag, i have my fav. lipliner from Clinique in shade 08 Perfect Amber and Rimmel Compact powder.

In my bag i have my Fossil Shades and one comb and nail filer from sally hansen


For my cards and money i keep a wallet .Bought this wallet from macy's and its from Giani Bernini and then i have my phone and headphones.So here are all my stuff  which i carry every day in my bag...:)
If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below...xoxo


  1. Love this post girl :D
    xoxo <3


  2. Oh, i love it, but i cant follow you but latter i will try again. Can you fallow me? this blog is amazing. i'm waithing for you, xoxo
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    1. thanks hun for liking my blog...Followed ya...:)